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Image of the Mind

Imagine, create and appreciate.

::Images from the mind::
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Welcome to Image of the Mind! This community is managed by myself, mysticalrainbow and was created for the purpose of having fun, and being who you want to be. A theme will be set by myself every two weeks, and anything you post whether it be a picture, a story, an icon, or whatever else, must fit in with the theme, even if it is only slightly related! I like weird and unusual, so the weirder the posts the better! Just go crazy, get creative and have fun!

Community rules.

- If you are posting a picture please place it behind a cut!

-Please try and stick to the theme when posting.

-IF you are going to post anything that could be considered as offensive, please warn us first and place it behind a cut just out of respect for others. Thankyou.

- Don't leave any unkind comments. If i find you have broken this rule, you will be removed from the community. The community is meant to be a fun one, and people shouldn't have to worry about cold hearted people putting them down. Please, thankyou.

There aren't many rules, and they aren't asking you to do much,so try and stick to em guys! =D

If you have any suggestions for a theme, either email me at mysticalrainbow1@aol.com or purplestardust15@yahoo.com or reply to a post (if it is addressing the fortnightly theme).